Sabrina Lane - CEO and Founder

Social compliance specialist Sabrina Lane is recognized as a veteran of the business assurance industry. She is one of the first social compliance auditors in Sub-Saharan Africa and was a pioneer in the development of the industry in South Africa. As the CEO and founder of Total Solution Partners, Sabrina has created an environment where passion, drive, focus and support is found in abundance.  


Sabrina’s endeavours have taken her around the world and her passion for diversity, culture, travel and people have been the driving force in her career. She was born in England and completed her education in Zimbabwe and South Africa. She has been a successful entrepreneur and managed the Intertek Labtest branch in Cape Town in the nineties. She managed the testing division and the auditing and inspection divisions for Sub-Saharan Africa, Mauritius and Madagascar. Having trained as a social compliance auditor with Intertek, she found her niche and was a lead auditor for Intertek until 2014 when she joined SGS for a period of time. Adventure and excitement were calling and she worked as a freelance auditor and consultant for several years during which she travelled and worked across the world. Her work has taken her to Botswana, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tunisia, Turkey, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. She has worked in numerous different industries and has audited more than thirty different programs with a special interest in the textile and clothing industries. She was the only WRAP auditor in Sub-Saharan Africa for the better part of a decade. 


Sabrina has mentored many aspirational auditors and has made a valuable contribution to the industry. Sabrina’s various passions have shaped her determination to create an environment where excellence is celebrated and passion is nurtured. Her clients and team at Total Solution Partners now benefit from her in-depth knowledge and vast experience. With only 53 countries visited Sabrina has many places still to visit and lots of experiences on her bucket list. Her commitment to the industry and her contagious lust for life is an inspiration to those who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her. Sabrina enjoys travelling, cooking, and learning new skills. 

Marjorie Smith - Specialist Consultant and Founder

After almost two decades in various industries including retail, agriculture, construction and environmental services Marjorie found her calling as a social compliance auditor.  Having a talent for diving into the deep end she used her environmental management knowledge as a stepping stone paired with her broad experience and took on the challenge of becoming a social compliance lead auditor in 2014.  Thanks to wonderful mentorship and opportunities she was able to gain qualifications and experience at an accelerated pace working as an auditor, consultant and trainer. She worked as a freelance auditor for Intertek and SGS until she accepted a permanent position as Technical Manager for Intertek Sub-Saharan Africa in 2017. The constant challenges and ever-changing nature of social compliance did not allow stagnation. In 2019 she accepted a position as Client Manager and Auditor at BSI to facilitate the expansion of their social compliance offering in South Africa.  It became clear that the status quo of the audit industry was not delivering on the expectations of supply chains. Capacity building, knowledge sharing within the audit industry and a holistic approach to consultation and implementation were needed to bring about authentic improvement. For real change to take place audit bodies need to ensure technical competency and organizations need to see benefits when implementing a management system. Ticking boxes is simply not good enough. After realising that a different approach was needed to facilitate real change and improvement she joined Sabrina Lane in establishing Total Solution Partners in 2020. In her role at Total Solution Partners, she is able to assist audit bodies and organizations to reach their full potential. 


Marjorie’s training and experience in social compliance, health and safety, ISO14001 and ISO9001 teamed with a passion for sharing knowledge have made her a popular speaker at events. She has a particular interest in management systems, modern slavery and environmental management. Her ability to objectively see the big picture and both sides of the story has been an asset to the teams she works with. She maintains that for a truly effective and sustainable solution one has to look holistically at the organization, the environment and the stakeholders. She is an ardent supporter of integrated management systems and leads the implementation team for our XGRC suite of products including the very popular SHEQX software. 

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Total Solution Partners Associates

It has been our privilege to have worked with the best consultants and specialists which South Africa has to offer. We have built a core team of specialists who share our passion and work ethic and we are committed to using the best suited and most experienced specialists for each of our projects.  Our unique holistic approach is possible due to our multi-disciplinary teams and it is not uncommon to have an ISO45001 qualified Saiosh registered H&S specialist, a social compliance specialist, a labour law specialist and a food safety specialist working on a project.  We value teamwork and loyalty and together we help our clients thrive and not just survive.